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The Motherhood Journey

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At Serving Life Chiropractic, we understand the importance of a clear and open neuro-spinal system for a comfortable and healthy pregnancy.

Our team is dedicated to supporting you through this transformative journey, whether you're trying to conceive or already pregnant.

Studies have shown that women receiving prenatal chiropractic care experience more comfort and reduced labor time by 24%.

Our Webster-certified prenatal chiropractors offer tailored care to optimize your pregnancy and connect you with other prenatal and postnatal providers in the DFW area.


benefits of chiropractic care in pregnancy:

Increased comfort during pregnancy

Shortened labor time

Improved neural communication

Enhanced growth and positioning for baby

Boosted energy levels

Fewer birth interventions

As we celebrate and welcome your new baby, our new mama’s health is just as essential as ever.

At Serving Life, we are passionate about helping you feel your best through your healing journey.

We're committed to your postpartum wellness journey and can connect you with additional resources and support services in the DFW area.

Let Serving Life Chiropractic be a trusted partner in your postpartum recovery, so you can focus on cherishing every moment with your precious newborn.


benefits of chiropractic care in postpartum:

Reduction in postpartum recovery time

Assistance with breastfeeding difficulties

Support for spinal realignment after childbirth

Relief from post-pregnancy discomfort & tension

Restoration of energy levels & overall well-being

Stories from our Mamas

In each Practice Member's story, we're reminded why Serving Life was started in the first place— to champion you and your family's expression of life.

I initially came to Serving Life for maternity support with my first child. Dr. Denisa and her team greatly improved my overall physical comfort, and ultimately aided in a safe and textbook (fast!) birth after a high risk pregnancy. I continue to be blessed by their care 11 months postpartum and look forward to my appointments every week. Thank you, SLC!

"aided in a safe and textbook (fast!) birth after a high risk pregnancy"

Jess C.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Denisa Weber at SLC for 4+ years consistently and don’t know what I’d do without my chiropractic care! She’s seen me through my pregnancy and postpartum and she also adjusts my baby and husband. The office is always so kind and such a happy place, and we never wait long. The adjustments are quick (under 10 mins) and very effective. They helped me to be more comfortable throughout pregnancy, and just to allow my nervous system to be more in rest and repair rather than fight or flight mode. 

"They helped me to be more comfortable throughout pregnancy"

Natalie W

I started going to them when I was three months pregnant, and they helped me through all the ups and downs of my body changing during pregnancy and got my body feelings it’s best at all times. Their communication and booking systems are also amazing and they work to accommodate busy/changing schedules so well. All the doctors and staff always make you feel so welcome and cared for, and I cannot imagine going through my pregnancy without them!

"they helped me through all the ups and downs of my body changing during pregnancy"

Jacquie S


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